8 Interesting & Innovative Products That Will Actually Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Photo: Micheal Beckert
It's National Sleep Day, it's so important it has a fixed calendar entry. We're obsessed with sleep: how much we get, the quality of it, how it affects our day... And yet our obsession doesn't seem to result in better sleep satisfaction.
A recent report from the British Sleep Council found that 22% of Britons claim to sleep poorly every night, with almost half of us being kept awake by stresses and worries. Also: smartphones. Or something.
This isn't in our heads. More worrying stats do reveal that we are getting a full hour's less sleep than we were just 70 years ago. Despite living much more hectic lifestyles.
Plenty of places are making big bucks out of this worry about sleep. "Sleep hygiene" (the environment we create for ourselves to sleep in) has never been more closely scrutinised. Look at the rise in trendy affordable mattresses, for instance, adverts for which are heard daily on podcasts between slots for Blue Apron and Squarespace. Go back five years and imagine, if you will, a world in which mattresses were being marketed to twenty-somethings. See what I mean? We're obSESSED.
So which products do actually help with sleep? We looked to experts to find the most interesting, innovative and effective products out there.

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