17 Products Worth Every Penny, According To Beauty Buyers

Shopping for new beauty products online can be an overwhelming experience for even the most confident among us. Will that contour kit really give you cheekbones like Bella Hadid? And does that eye cream actually have the power to send those bags packing? After hours spent scrolling for 'the one', there's always that niggling fear that said beauty buy just won't live up to your expectations.
Luckily for us, there are pros on hand; beauty buyers to be exact. It’s literally their job to handpick and curate a collection of the finest makeup, hair, body and skincare products the beauty world has to offer. These cosmetic know-it-alls have a knack for sifting through hundreds of thousands of products from big name brands and some more niche, uncovering the coolest trends and innovative ingredients long before they hit our Instagram feeds. They know their AHAs like their ABCs and are privy to some of the most exclusive launches in the industry. Essentially, they do the road-testing for us, so it’s no surprise they know what deserves a coveted space in your #shelfie.
Ahead, we tapped beauty buyers from some of the biggest retailers to unveil their greatest finds – and exactly why you need them.

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