These Are The Best Jobs In The UK For 2021

Photographed by Kate Anglestein
The start of the year is traditionally peak time for job-hunting, so Indeed has released its list of the UK's best jobs for 2021.
These aren't necessarily the highest-paid jobs in the UK, though salary is one of three factors taken into consideration by the employment website.
The others are job satisfaction – which is especially important while we're all stuck working from home – and the number of job openings. Each of these factors is given equal weighting for fairness.
According to Indeed, Product Manager is the best job in the UK for 2021. It comes with an average salary of around £60,000 – nearly double the UK's national average of £31,461 – and an impressive job satisfaction score of 4.1 out of 5.
What's more, Indeed has nearly 2,000 openings for this role.
In second place is Enterprise Architect, a tech role which involves establishing and maintaining a company's IT infrastructure to make sure it reaches its targets and objectives.
The typical salary is around £70,000 and it also has a job satisfaction score of 4.1 out of 5. Indeed has around 1,500 openings listed for this role.
Dentist finishes third with an average salary of around £55,000 and a job satisfaction score of 4.0 out of 5. Dentists will always be in demand, and Indeed has a very healthy number of openings: around 1,700.
Behind that, the top 25 is dominated by tech roles such as Cloud Engineer, Data Engineer and Java Developer. The latter comes with an average salary of £50,000 and is Indeed's top job in the US for 2021, so it's definitely a role to keep an eye on.
Check out the top 10 with their average salaries below, or head to Indeed for the full list with job satisfaction scores and number of openings.
1. Product Manager     £60,221  
2. Enterprise Architect £71,392 
3. Dentist £55,500
4. Full Stack Engineer £45,000
5. Sales Manager £50,000
6. Mobile Engineer £50,602
7. Tax Manager £58,000
8. Cloud Engineer £55,000
9. Commercial Manager £56,206
10. Business Development Manager £45,542

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