These Dumbbell Exercises Will Take Your Workouts To The Next Level

Getting motivated to get out of the house and head to the gym can be hard — and, when you think about it, completely unnecessary. That's because even just a tiny amount of equipment makes it possible to get a fantastic workout without leaving home. For way less than the cost of a gym membership, or a personal trainer, a set of dumbbells allows you to do workouts that, when practised regularly, will actually produce impressive results. Measly one-pounders all the way up to fifteen-pound dumbbells and heavier can help you challenge your body and strengthen muscles ranging from triceps, biceps, abs and beyond.
And if you're a cardio-only exerciser, dumbbells are also a great way to ease your way in to weight training (which is incredibly good for your body, btw), even if you're not quite ready to pick up a barbell.
Whether you’re looking for a full-on workout or just want to get in a few sets during Crazy Ex-Girlfriend commercial breaks, these dumbbell exercises will take your workouts at home and at the gym to the next level. Mix and match these dumbbell moves to create your perfect dumbbell fitness regimen that will make you wonder why anyone would ever use any other type of weights.

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