Fleabag‘s Andrew Scott Made A Great Point About ‘Casual Sex’

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Fleabag has earned loads of praise for its frank and unapologetic portrayal of female sexuality. This game-changing comedy set out its stall in the very first episode with a hilarious and oh-so-relatable scene in which her title character masturbates to a Barack Obama speech.
Now Andrew Scott, who plays Fleabag's series two love interest, the infamous "sexy priest", has shared his own super-progressive views on sexuality – specifically, his issue with the over-used phrase "casual sex".
“The idea that you can’t extract any kind of meaning from casual sex... I think that’s really dangerous because it invokes shame in people,” Scott said during his appearance on the podcast How to Fail with Elizabeth Day.
Scott went on to say that he believes so-called casual sex can be "really important" to our personal development, explaining: "You learn from people. It’s not about the length of time you spend with somebody.”
“In a way, that’s what Fleabag is about,” he continued. “You can have incredibly potent, life-long effects from meeting somebody over two weeks, or one week, or, you know, three hours. You go, 'Oh my God, I learned something.'"
The Independent reports that Scott then summed up his views on sexuality pretty succinctly by saying: “You have to be able to make mistakes and you have to find out who you are."
Amen to that, to be honest.
Meanwhile, Scott has recently told Refinery29 that he's "actively" looking to take on a rom-com role after becoming known for his villainous turns in everything from BBC detective drama Sherlock to the Bond film Spectre.
"It’s something I really want," he said. "I think the way love manifests itself in the world is endlessly fascinating, from Romeo And Juliet to Brokeback Mountain. We want to see how love manifests itself. We're never going to tire of that."

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