This Instagram Account Of 80s Interiors Is Extra AF

The '80s was a weird decade, stylistically. It's easy look at design choices from that era, be it clothes, makeup, interiors or music, and go "Wow, that was a disaster". But look a little closer and one can find a certain charm in its brashness, its bold colours and heavy patterns.
Right now, we're going through something of an '80s phase in fashion – think vintage Laura Ashley, neon, Cardi B at the VMAs. And unlike the '80s revival around the time of indie landfill and nu rave (2007 was a cruel mistress), this renaissance actually looks good. Perhaps it's time to take '80s styling into our homes as well?
Which is how Instagram account 80s_deco came up. It's a great account; all black ceramics, bold ass colours and neon lights. It's Charlie Sheen and Daryl Hannah's flat in Wall Street, Elizabeth Perkins' apartment in Big, Demi Moore's pad in St. Elmo's Fire. The account is full of interiors that are bright, inyerface and the complete and total opposite of Scandi minimalism (thank goodness).
Owner of 80s_deco Meg, an urban planner, is fully committed to the look, her own Chicago flat is a homage to the decade. Her favourite aesthetics come courtesy of (notorious '80s interiors genii) Memphis Milano's Ettore Sottsass and Duggie Fields.
We spoke to her about her exquisite account.
Why did you start @80s_deco?
There's a handful of great 80s accounts but none seemed to be exclusively residential focused. I was in the process of going all out 80s in my own apartment and I wanted a place to collect inspiring interiors. It took a few years of steeping myself in 80s images to work up the nerve to wholesale redecorate my place. I started 80s Deco as a Tumblr in 2013, which was late in the game for a Tumblr account. It was just a personal account as a reaction against Pinterest. I'm still shocked I have so many followers (10k on Tumblr!) from simply posting other interior designers' hard work, but I guess that's what curators do (and how Tumblr works!). I scan some images from design books myself and take photos of 80s inspired scenes out in the wild but obviously most of my images are re-blogged. I'd like to thank 80sretroelectro and the O.G. 80s interior blog
Why was 80s decor so maximalist?
80s design was the pendulum swinging away from international style and MCM. It's fun and weird and surprisingly DIY. To quote Stanley Tigerman, one of the Chicago Seven rabblerousers, "Less is a Bore".
How long did it take you to do up your place?
it only took me about a year to realise the whole 80s vision in my last apartment. I sourced almost everything from the suburbs of Chicago via Craigslist. Non-designy people are usually confused. My current apartment used to belong to my grandma and I've had multiple people ask if some of the decor was leftover from her. HAHA! I also get a lot of "where's the cocaine" jokes.
Do you have a favourite picture on the account?
This April Greiman interior is one of my faves because it's so very DIY but also avant garde while somehow being accessible. Spray painting a light switch? Who would have thought! Alessandro Mendini and all things 80s Italy will always be a favourite too.
Do you have a favourite 80s interior?
I just re-watched Liquid Sky and every interior is exquisite! Almadovar is always exciting too.
Why do you think people are so quick to deride the extra AF style of the 80s?
The 80s were a little much- it's off-putting and some of the high art is ridiculous. It also represents rich assholes and pretentious New Yorkers (See Beetlejuice, one of my fav movies, talk about amazing interiors!). So I get it. But that's why I love it, I'm a natural contrarian. In a few years I'll probably talk shit about the 80s.
Why do you think people are starting to take it more seriously as of late?
I think people are bored of classy, tasteful, clean-lined modernism and want to have fun.
Click through to see interiors so '80s they give Bananarama a run for their money.

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