9 New Netflix UK Releases To Watch This Weekend

Photo Courtesy of Netflix.
In our celebrity-obsessed culture, the stars of any given movie or TV show act as our entryway into a story. Whether it’s the gossip around a big A-lister or an actor whose career you’ve been following for a while, the cast often draws us to the screen and keeps the conversation going afterwards. But, of course, the people behind the scenes of a project are just as important — if not more so — to bringing a movie together. 
In this week’s batch of Netflix releases, the creative forces behind the titles are taking centre stage. There’s Voir, a series of short-form visual essays executive produced by director David Fincher, which gives movie lovers a chance to highlight the film moments that changed their lives. On the TV side, there’s Saturday Morning All Star Hits!, comedian Kyle Mooney’s loving and eccentric tribute to the weekend cartoons of the ‘80s and ‘90s.
Who else will be sharing a part of their world with you this week? Read on for more of the new titles hitting Netflix this week.

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