Some Of The New Gossip Girl Characters Are Direct Callbacks To Blair & Co.

Photo: courtesy of HBO.
She knows you love her, and she's back: The Gossip Girl reboot is (almost) here. Meet the new class of Upper East Siders at Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude's School for Boys, as well as both the parents and the teachers who orbit their glamorous lives. The cast of Gossip Girl is fresh-faced and ready to dish.
The new Gossip Girl is at its best when it's in conversation with its younger self and commenting on the sexism of the '00s that has come under fire as far back as the #MeToo movement and as recently as the #FreeBritney movement. It's no secret that Gen Z is more tolerant than millennials were growing up and that the culture has changed. Society has moved past the need to pit young women against each other. Kids these days, for lack of a better term, are also way too media savvy to let themselves be controlled by a blog... right?
There are Easter Eggs and analogues to the OG Gossip Girl, but it's interesting to see how those beloved characters have been updated for the next gen. So as you watch the series, pay attention to how those archetypes have changed in fourteen years.

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