Your Career Horoscope For 2021 Is Here

Illustrated by Daniel Zender
The new year will bring major changes to our lives — especially our professional desires. There are several major astrological transits that will push us to achieve greatness and transform the direction of our career in 2021. 
Here are six main aspects to watch out for: First, Saturn, who’s in Aquarius, squares off with Uranus, who’s in Taurus, three times: on 14th February, 14th June and 24th December. This will push us to change our objectives and may even encourage us to work for ourselves. The Venus Star Point in Aries, which is an alignment between the sun and Venus, occurs on 26th March. Around this time, we’ll begin to move towards what we love on a professional level.
The eclipses of 2021 occur on 26th May, 10th June, 19th November and 4th December. These events will force us to move into a new creative and intellectual space. Meanwhile, Jupiter’s movement into Pieces on 13th May to 28th July and 28th December will inspire us to expand our network and portfolio. Mercury’s planetary moonwalks from 30th January to 21st February in Aquarius, 29th May to 22nd June in Gemini, and 27th September to 23rd October in Libra will make us rethink our visions entirely. This will prove beneficial in manifesting our next professional dream.
Finally, Venus retrograde, which starts on 19th December in Capricorn, gives us the chance to reassess our personal goals. We’ll only want to work for a company who values us — personally, professionally, and monetarily.
Taken together, it’s clear to see that 2021 may be a transitional year for us workwise, either internally (as we reassess what we really want professionally) or externally (as we move on to bigger and brighter things in our careers). These sorts of changes can be stressful but the good news is that any moves we make this year will move us closer to a more fulfilling professional life.

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