A Christmas Weekend TV Marathon For Every Mood

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
This year has pretty much been a non-stop horror show everywhere you turn (especially if you're turning on the news), but now many people are getting a couple of days off to finally relax over the Christmas holiday. What better way to relax than by starting a new TV show that you may not have previously had time for?
Despite the lengthy production shutdowns of most film and TV studios this year, 2020 still saw the release of a ton of great TV shows. And there are always old standbys worth a rewatch as well. These 19 shows in particular are totally worth streaming over the Christmas weekend.
There's something here for everyone, including a new series hitting Netflix on Christmas day. There are romantic stories, irreverent comedies, thrillers, soothing reality shows, and more. Take a break from watching your Twitter timeline become a garbage fire or hearing the latest mind boggling pandemic stats from a news anchor. Stay home, stay safe, and treat yourself to something fictional and, dare we say it, fun.
If you work really hard, and now it's time to rest hard. Go ahead and burn through more than one entry on this list in the few days you have off. We believe in you.

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