Wait, Does Jennifer Aniston Really Live With Courteney Cox? And Lisa Kudrow?

Refinery29/Courtesy of ABC.
We already expected that the Emmys would be full of surprises this year. But what we didn't see coming was a reunion that made nearly the whole internet sob into their couch pillows and wine glasses.
Jennifer Aniston made an appearance early on in the awards show to put out a trash fire (don't ask) but then was shooed away by host Jimmy Kimmel to get home in time for the announcement of her Emmys category, Lead Actress in a Drama Series (she was nominated for The Morning Show).
When Kimmel went to check on her at home, however, Aniston's former Friends castmate, Courteney Cox, came up behind her to say hi. Kimmel was confused, asking why Cox was in Aniston's quarantine bubble, and Aniston explained matter-of-factly that they were roommates. "Uh, yeah, we've been roommates, since 1994, Jimmy. Duh," she said.
If that wasn't enough Friends nostalgia for us, in came Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe on the iconic '90s sitcom. It then seemed like the whole cast had reunited when another man came behind them, but it was just Jason Bateman, pretending to be Chandler Bing (who was actually played by Matthew Perry). Why he was there is another question we'll add to the pile we have leftover from tonight's surreal Emmys.
But hey, we got a women-of-Friends reunion! We'll take everything we can get. It was so wholesome that the internet basically melted into a giant puddle. Just don't let this be the last time we'll see the gang back together again (and thanks to HBO Max, we know it won't).

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