The Boys Can Be Vague About Its Supes’ Powers — Let Us Clear Some Things Up

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
In a world of superheroes, how do you stand out from the rest? If you’re a member of Vought International’s the Seven you just try not to be a jerk. However, that’s easier said than done and as season 2 of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys kicks off we’re once again reminded that just because you have superpowers doesn’t mean you’re using them for good
Season 2 dives right back into the action with the all-powerful Seven, a group of seven superheroes who are the face of Vought International and trying to get Compound V (what gave them superpowers in the first place) off the ground. And even though they’ve all taken a douse, or two (or 10), of Compound V, they’ve all got different powers and abilities that are frequently put to the test. 
If you thought trying to keep track of the ever-growing and changing roster for the Avengers and Justice League was too much to handle, don’t worry, because the superhero Seven aren’t that far off from a lot of characters you already know and love. But, there are new faces and new powers, and if you need a refresher on who’s who, and who can do what, here’s what you need to know about everyone’s powers. 

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