Million Dollar Beach House Is Your New Selling Sunset

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Move over Selling Sunset, there's a new Netflix real estate reality show in town. Million Dollar Beach House and its cast focuses on the opposite coast, with five agents working the exclusive Hamptons area of New York. Instead of The Oppenheim Group, these agents work for a company called NestSeekers International.

At the heart of the show are the mansions with sweeping oceanfront views, modern interiors, and super high price tags that the cast is trying to sell, score for buyers, and make huge commissions from. They each have their own way of running their listings, and with several properties being co-listed among one or more of their fellow agents, it's easy for people to butt heads. Refinery29 caught up with Peggy Zabakolas and Noel Roberts, two of the estate agents with the most beef between them, to get the lowdown on each other and the rest of the stars.
Noel says that he actually thought that he and Peggy were "going to be the best of buddies" when they first met. That quickly proved to not be the case. Their personalities clashed, especially when Noel showed a house to one of Peggy's buyers and wasn't as informed about the property as Peggy felt he should have been. As soon as she felt like something he was doing was putting her business and her buyers in jeopardy, that was it. Their drama continued for the rest of the season, but they both tell me now that they've quashed the bad blood between them. However, moving past the drama didn't necessarily mean becoming friends.
"There was really no resolution to it," Peggy says. "Before, I was trying to maybe hopefully find something a little bit deeper as a friendship or as a person ... [now] I know what I'm going to get. And I'm okay with that." She adds, "Listen, we're five people. You don't have to love everyone that you work with. We all have strong personalities and we're going to butt heads. We're going to disagree. You know, it is what it is. You don't have to be best friends."
For Noel, he says he just has to remind himself that they're on the same team. "It should be us against the world and not us against each other."
That's nice and all, but we wanted the dirt. So we asked Peggy and Noel to tell us all about their fellow cast members — and give them each yearbook-style superlatives. Enjoy.

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