Cardi B Has A Few Words For Those Trump 2020 “Wap” Music Videos

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When “WAP,” Cardi B’s sexy collaboration with Megan thee Stallion, dropped two weeks ago, the freak anthem literally broke the internet. It seemed like the world was split on the single; some (read: me) found it refreshing to hear the sex-positive pair talk openly about their bedroom fantasies, while others unsurprisingly reacted to the song with vitriol and misogynoir. Many conservatives made the loudest noise about the subject matter of “WAP,” but Team Trump has ironically also shown a vested interest in the song. And if you ask Cardi, they're secretly loving it.
The first single off of Cardi’s forthcoming second album speaks very plainly about sex, with each verse detailing exactly what would constitute that “wet and gushy.” The song isn’t exactly out of Cardi and Megan’s wheelhouses — because the rappers possess healthy sexual appetites and aren’t afraid to share as much, their respective discographies are just as explicit — yet so many were scandalised all the same. Within days of the release of “WAP,” the song sparked a dialogue online, with one side acting like they were wholly disgusted by its abject horniness. 
Despite this criticism of the collab, even the right can’t resist the pull of the “WAP.” Videos of Trump supporters partying on a boat (yes, in the middle of a pandemic) to the sounds of the raunchy song popped up across the internet. Cardi caught wind of the videos and headed to Twitter to share the hypocrisy with her fans.
“Wasn’t republican conservative throwing a little fit bout this song ?” she questioned.
Cardi, Hollywood’s self-appointed coronavirus ambassador, also pointed out the fact that the young people attending the #Trump2020 boat partying were clearly violating social distancing mandates, and there were no masks in sight. 
“Anyways this makes my ass itchy,” Cardi tweeted. “I’m callin the fbi on this festivity. They are not quarantining.”
A number of Republicans have called out the rap duo for the song, claiming that Cardi and Megan were encouraging sexual promiscuity and degrading themselves. 
Because there aren’t other important things going on in the world like a precarious, super high stakes presidential election or a global pandemic, right wing political commentator Ben Shapiro even spent an entire portion of his recent podcast episode picking the track apart although it has nothing to do with him whatsoever. (He also inadvertently roasted himself with the TMI admission that he himself does not inspire a WAP. Yikes.)
“Guys, this is what feminists fought for,” Shapiro said on his Daily Wire podcast. "It’s what feminism is all about. It’s not really about women being treated as independent, full-rounded human beings, it’s about a wet ass p-word. And if you say anything differently, it’s because you’re a misogynist, you see.”
...Anyways. There's a reason why "WAP" is now the #1 single on the Hot 100 chart. At the end of the day, the song is a banger that appeals to everyone — even the very people claiming to be offended by it.

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