Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s New Song & Video Is As Freaky As It Gets

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Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion’s big music collaboration is finally here, and it is delightfully nasty. If you were expecting a a family-friendly tune from these hip hop hitmakers (why though?), think again — “WAP” is a song for the freaks, by the freaks.
Hours before “WAP” was released across streaming platforms, Cardi hit the internet with a disclaimer about what to expect from the single. Without spoilers, the rapper shared that its music video would not be accompanied by the explicit audio simply because the combination of the lyrics and their visuals would be far too sexually explicit for YouTube. Less than thirty seconds into the video, we understood exactly what she was talking about.
“Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet and gushy,” she coos over the opening chorus. “Give me everything you got for this wet and gushy.” (That’s just the censored version — the explicit edition minces no words about what she means by “wet and gushy.”)
Rap’s resident Big Ole Freak™ pulls up with some equally nasty bars about what she likes in the bedroom. Now, if you’ve listened to Megan’s music before, her sexual appetite is no surprise, but it is truly at its peak on “WAP.” We all know that she likes to get down (hello, “Freak Nasty” and “Sex Talk”), but this takes that to a whole different level. 
“In the food chain, I'm the one that eat ya,” Megan raps in her usual swagger, hips and zebra-print wig swinging. “If he ate my ass, he's a bottom-feeder. Big D stand for big demeanour, and I could make ya bust before I ever meet ya.”
The rap also duo came through with the sexy looks for the visuals. Each scene of the video took fans through a colourful mansion with a sexy surprise behind each door; a purple and green factory (which someone hilariously referred to as "Willy Wonka and the Pussy Factory"), animal print-inspired rooms, and even a few celebrity cameos. Normani made an appearance in the video, as did new rappers Sukihana, Rubi Rose, and Mulatto. Kylie Jenner also showed up, but most of us are just pretending that never happened.
"WAP" marks Cardi's official return to music following the success of her 2018 studio album Invasion of Privacy. It's the first track off of her upcoming second album, tentatively titled Tiger Woods; Cardi's inspiration for the theme comes from the controversial career of the golf icon, whose life has been a subject of constant public scrutiny since he made his debut.
"I think I’m going to name my album Tiger Woods,” Cardi said during an Instagram Live conversation in 2019. “Remember when everybody was talking shit on Tiger Woods, like ‘Oh blah blah, blah blah this, blah blah that,’ and then he fucking came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m going to name my album.”
The title's a bit strange, but if the rest of the songs on Tiger Woods is as fire as this track is, I will gladly take what I can get. Siri, play "WAP" — the "clean" version, though.

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