Miley Cyrus Knows Exactly The Type Of Person She Wants To Date Next

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Many people who are fresh off of a breakup need a while to pick themselves back up and figure out what they need out of a relationship — not Miley Cyrus.
The "Midnight Sky" singer recently talked on the Call Her Daddy podcast about her recent breakup with fellow musician Cody Simpson, who she amicably parted ways with in July after 10 months. Cyrus explained that she's looking for more stability in her next relationship.
"I usually end up complaining they're boring, but that's what I need. I need boring," Cyrus said. "I definitely, definitely need a calming, I need an anchor, I need a weight."
"It's really important that I feel fulfilled and they have to bring something to the table," she added.
The singer revealed in June that she has been sober for six months, and while she's happy to be waking up every day "100 percent, 100 percent of the time," it doesn't mean it's not difficult. And in order to continue on this positive trajectory, she needs a partner who will support her lifestyle and have similar values. "I think the way someone treats himself is a reflection of the way that they’ll treat you," she said. "I’m, like, super into clean eating; I'm into people taking care of themselves.
Cyrus also underscored the importance of looking for a partner in the right places. She suggested that in the past, she may have started relationships with people who she met in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings who she could relate to (it should be noted that Simpson is sober as well), but she realises now that she can't take on someone else's past issues with addiction in addition to her own.
"Don’t go to the club looking for your next partner, you know? So put yourself in places where you’ll be successful so you don’t get stuck on, ‘I’m just always wasting my time with all these people,’" said Cyrus. "You can really control the kind of people who are going to flow in and out of your life, and you can create a filtration system."
In the meantime, however, Cyrus' newest single, "Midnight Sky," emphasises her contentment and empowerment she feels in being alone, so for right now, it seems like she's in a healthy relationship with herself.

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