The Voices You Heard In Disclosure Should Stay With You After The Credits Roll

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you're looking for some educational Pride Month viewing, look no further. On 19th June, Disclosure premiered on Netflix. The documentary is about transgender representation in television and movies, and looks back on the good and the bad of the trans experience on film with the help of some experts in the industry. One of the coolest things about the doc is that all the Disclosure cast memberseveryone who is interviewed in the film — is trans or non-binary.
That representation continues behind the scenes, too. Director Sam Feder is also trans, and made it a point to hire as many trans people on the production staff as possible. "We did a national search. When we could not hire a trans person for a key role on set, the non-trans person would mentor a trans fellow. We had about a dozen different fellows on set," Feder told Decider in June. In turn, those fellows get a leg up in the entertainment industry.
Feder also made sure to keep things intersectional and include plenty of non-white trans voices. "Disclosure underscores how patriarchy, white supremacy, settler colonialism, and capitalism thoroughly oppress our most marginalised. The intersections can’t be pulled apart," Feder told Decider in the same interview.
The film features a wide variety of interviewees, from famous names like Laverne Cox and Candis Cayne, to lesser known actors, activists, writers, and producers. Click through to find out a little more about all 30 of the people interviewed.

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