Who’s Who In Netflix’s The Wrong Missy

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Adam Sandler-produced movies often involve outrageous premises set in places he wants to vacation, and that's exactly what you'll get with his latest Netflix film The Wrong Missy. The title pretty much says all you need to know about the plot. This is a case of mistaken identity that involves a "crazy" woman and a lot of slapstick comedy. 
The story is this: A man named Tim (David Spade) has an amazing first date with a woman named Missy (comedian Lauren Lapkus), so he decides to invite her on his company's retreat in Hawaii. (That's a thing? Taking plus-ones on expensive company retreats? Sure.) The problem is, Tim doesn't text the Missy he had a great connection with, but rather a Missy with whom he previously had an awful blind date. She shows up on the plane, they go to Hawaii anyway, he withholds that she is the "wrong Missy," he learns to enjoy her company — you know the deal. 
If you ended up watching this movie (some of us want to support Lauren Lapkus' career, okay?) and want to know more about who plays everyone on this wild adventure set in the gorgeous vacation locale of Hawaii, click through to match faces with names and find out where you know these actors from. It's time you get your Missys straight yourself. 

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