Are Harry & Francesca From Too Hot To Handle Still A Couple?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix’s reality series Too Hot To Handle throws a bunch of “sexy singles” together in a tropical paradise, only to inform them that they couldn’t hook up without draining their prize money. That did not stop contestants Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago from being all over each other from the jump, which quickly earned them the ire of their island mates.
By the end of the season, however, Francesca and Harry were able to prove to the artificial intelligence ruler of the island, LANA, that they were the real deal and earned back some of that lost money in the process. Now the only thing left to ask is: Did Francesca and Harry stay together after they left Too Hot To Handle
If you’re a Farry shipper, some good news: The couple may still be going strong, at least according to some clues from Instagram. Francesca, a model who boasts over 300,000 followers on the ‘gram and reportedly dated Diplo, routinely posts photos, and Harry nearly always likes them. A post of Francesca in a tan sweater, which she shared on Monday, earned a like from her reality show beau. 
Harry even jokingly commented on the Too Hot To Handle trailer, which Francesca posted last week to her Instagram. 
“Let’s go! Can’t wait to see what this is about,” he wrote. 
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While Harry hasn’t posted anything quite so thirsty in recent weeks, he wasn’t shy about expressing his admiration for his maybe-still-girlfriend back in March. 
“What I wanna wake up to,” Harry commented on a picture of Francesca. Another pic of hers from that month just received drooling emojis. 
On March 20, around the time the world began social distancing due to the spread of coronavirus, he commented about a topless photo of Francesca: “Stay home and get naked.” 
One other possible clue that Harry and Francesca at least stayed together for a little bit after the show? Harry's photos from Vancouver, where Francesca lives. He posted a pic of himself in the Canadian city (where Francesca asked him to move to in the finale episode) in May of 2019, shortly after filming.
Oddly, while the show was filmed in April of 2019, Harry did not like Francesca’s photos immediately after filming. It’s possible that they were told to keep their relationship status on the DL for a bit, lest they spoil the show. 
On Francesca’s end, she’s just as crazy about Harry — at least, that’s how it seems from their recent social media interactions on his page. On March 25, 2020, she commented, “[lobster] for dinner” on a picture of a sunburned Harry. He replied: “Come eat what’s yours.” 
Want more innuendo? On a photo Harry posted March 15, she instructed: “shoot me in the face w all ur liquid.” (To be clear, Harry was holding a water gun in the photo.)
One piece of evidence to the current state of Harry and Francesca’s relationship that is lacking is any present-day photo or video evidence that they are together. However, given the current social distancing state of the world, it’s possible their romance would have to continue remotely, anyway. If these two aren’t still together, they sure do love teasing fans.

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