If You Thought Love Is Blind Was Crazy, You Are Not Prepared For Netflix’s New Dating Show

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Netflix reality show Love Is Blind attempts to prove whether or not looks really make that big difference in a relationship — by having contestants date via pods. Now, new Netflix reality show Too Hot To Handle wants its contestants to pick between hooking up and taking home major cash. Let the wild love games commence!
The new show begins the way many reality programmes do. Young, hot singles from around the world arrive in an island paradise, assuming they’re in for one of the sexiest summers of their lives. (If you’ve seen even a mere minute of Bachelor In Paradise, you know exactly what kind of sexiness these contestants expect.)
Unfortunately for the “commitment-phobe" guests, there’s a big twist in store that they definitely were not expecting when they signed on for this dating show.
In the trailer, an artificial intelligence device (think Alexa) named “Lana” chimes in to tell the excited singles — all of whom rated themselves a 10 out of 10 on the hot scale — that sexual activity on this island comes at a price. Money will be deducted from their cash prize for hookups of any kind. 
“Is blue balls a real thing?” one contestant asks.

“We’ll find out,” another replies. 
The point of this “process,” as Lana calls it, is to see if, in the absence of physical connection, the contestants can form deep emotional bonds. 
Avoiding most forms of touching (hmm, appropriate given the current state of the world) will be harder said than done, but at least some contestants are committed to sticking to Lana's "rules." That’s not to say Too Hot to Handle will be devoid of steamy moments. Obviously, not everyone is down to stay sex-free for the entirety of their time on the show — what fun would that be for the viewer? In the promo, two women make out, while another pair gets a little too close in the shower. 
Will the contestants throw away all their cash in favour of fun hookups in paradise, or will everyone walk away hot, bothered, but also richer? Check out the trailer below: 

Too Hot to Handle arrives on Netflix on 17th April.

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