What Is A “Keeper” On Killing Eve & Why Does Villanelle Want To Be One?

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After two seasons of Killing Eve, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) isn't content with the status quo. Don't worry, season 3 is still filled with just as much death and murder for the assassin but, as she revealed in the premiere, her sights are now set a little higher. In order to convince Villanelle to come back to The Twelve, her trainer Dasha (Harriet Walter) has to lure her with the ultimate promise: becoming a keeper.
"A keeper is big. Higher than Konstantin, higher than me," Dasha says after Villanelle makes her ultimatum.
"You said what I want, that's what I want," Villanelle replies.
No one would fault you for forgetting what, exactly, a keeper is in the world of Killing Eve. The first and only time it was mentioned was back in season one, episode 7, "I Don't Want To Be Free." After being sent to kill Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), Villanelle has a final request.
"I want the names of the Twelve," she demands."I'm not a keeper," he says.
"What's that?" she asks.
"There are a few people that are trusted with the names and I'm not one of them."
When she demands the name of a keeper, Konstantin doesn't know that either. While we know, now, that Konstantin makes it out of the deadly encounter alive, we're still no closer to understanding the workings of the higher-ups of The Twelve organisation. That's likely precisely why, then, Villanelle will settle for no less than unprecedented access — and it would explain a lot of things for us as well.
Before then, however, she must earn it. Villanelle is a kick-ass assassin but not a great coworker, and trust, especially, is something she hasn't exactly made her strong suit. It doesn't help that Eve (Sandra Oh) is alive, and that word of her fate will soon reach the emotionally unstable ex. How can Villanelle be given the names of The Twelve when she can't even keep her own heart in check? Something tells me it will involve a lot of blood.
Killing Eve airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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