What To Watch After Tiger King If You’re Looking For More Oddball Documentaries

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
So, you finally gave into the hype. You breezed through every episode of Netflix's docu-series Tiger King. With only five hours of content, it's pretty easy to do. Now, regular TV just can't compare. The reveal of a major New England Patriot player on The Masked Singer has lost its thrill. Fear not. There are other shows that'll fill that Tiger King void in your heart.
Before we dive into this list of shows you’ll be into if you’re obsessed with Joe Exotic, let it be known that it’s impossible to find anything exactly like the Netflix phenomenon. Tiger King is about exotic cat collectors, cults, polygamous zookeepers, a murder-for-hire plot gone awry, and the titular Tiger King, Joe Exotic himself. He's a self-described “gay, gun-carrying redneck with a mullet.” How exactly do you top that?
Well, you can’t. But you can come close, with a few documentaries and docuseries in the Tiger King realm... ish. There are lots of other things to watch that explore some of the most bizarre cultural phenomenons out there. Here's where you should start.

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