A Guide To The New & Returning Cast Of Ozark Season 3

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Marty Byrde is back baby and he's not doing so well. After the bloody events of the Ozark season 2 finale, Marty (Jason Bateman) has major reservations about the whole laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. Seriously, what it took him so long? Too bad his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) doesn't agree. She sees their latest acquisition of the riverboat casino, the Missouri Belle, as an opportunity to show their worth. And she's not the only one in the Ozark season 3 cast who is trying to get ahead.
Some Ozark faves are back to destroy the Byrdes. Darlene (Lisa Emery) is definitely at the tippy-top of Marty and Wendy's enemy list. Despite her getting her hands on baby Zeke, it's hard to believe that's all she wants. Helen (Janet McTeer) might seem friendly now, but we already now she has little patience for mistakes. And Ruth's patience might be wearing thin after Wendy ordered that hit on her dad.
But it's not just the returning characters who are looking to make big moves, some of Ozark's new characters are also making things difficult for the Byrdes. This includes the son of a Kansas City mob boss, Wendy's little brother, and an FBI foe, who actually might be a friend. Oh, and we finally get to meet the head of the Navarro cartel, who is more terrifying than you may have even imagined. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for Ozark season 3 by getting to know its major players.

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