Marie Kondo Has A New Netflix Show & She Wants To Come Tidy Up Your Town

Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic.
The Konmari Method has a way of starting small and then spreading outward. You start with a specific shelf or drawer, then the room, and slowly fan out until you’ve tidied up your whole house. If we learned anything from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, it’s that mindful organisation of our material belongings has a ripple effect on the rest of our lives.
Netflix has just announced that a new Marie Kondo show is in the works and it’s asking you not to nominate a friend or loved one, but an entire town. “In the new series, Marie and her team set out to tidy one small town in America, sparking joy in big new ways,” reveals a press release.
It’s not exactly clear how Kondo plans to sift through a whole town. Certainly, the “clothing, books, paper, miscellaneous, sentimental” bucket system won’t be literally applied. But the idea of optimising a whole town does seem tempting. Imagine if you could sift through all the dysfunction and redundancies of a whole town, keeping only the joy-sparking essentials and doing away with the rest.
Netflix has yet to share production details or an air-date. In the meantime, you have enough Marie Kondo content to tide you over. It’s spring cleaning season, and it is very likely you are currently homebound. So there is no better time to rewatch Tidying Up and going through your home with the Konmari method’s fine toothed comb. Plus, Kondo’s next book is set to be released on April 7th and it focuses on tidying up workplaces. And after working from makeshift home-offices for weeks on end, we’re gonna need some of that. 

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