Where We Left Off In Netflix’s Stalker Saga, You, In Season 1

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It's been over a year since You season 1 originally aired on Lifetime in the US. Now the show is officially a Netflix property and season two follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) to Los Angeles as he attempts to escape his New York demons.
Whether you watched the show when it ran week-to-week on Lifetime or you discovered the show later and marathoned it on Netflix, we could all use a recap of You season 1 before heading into the next 10 episodes. Here are all the key points to keep in mind before Joe's stalking ways return in a brand new unsuspecting city.

What Happened To Peach On You?

Guinevere Beck's (Elizabeth Lail) best friend Peach Salinger (Shay Mitchell) was the first (and really only) person to become suspicious of Joe as he got closer to Beck and began dating her. Part of that suspicion may have come from Peach's unrequited secret crush on Beck, but she was spot on that Joe was bad news. She was also smarter than he gave her credit for — noticing that Joe both stole one of her rare books and also her computer.
Joe decided that Peach needed to be removed from the equation a bit to give him more time and attention from Beck. He attacked Peach in Central Park during one of her runs, hitting her in the head with a rock. He didn't mean to kill her, and she ended up surviving the attack, but it had the opposite affect. Beck, worried for her friend, became more attentive than ever. When Peach and Beck headed to Peach's country house for some much-needed rest, Joe followed them. After Beck went home, Joe stayed behind and Peach found him in her house. The two tussled, and Peach brought a gun to the fight, but Joe ended up being the one who got the shot off. He then wrote a fake note and framed Peach's death as a suicide.

What Happened To Beck In The You Finale?

MFA student and aspiring writer Beck was the object of Joe's obsession from the moment he laid eyes on her in his book store. The two ended up dating, with Joe turning on his charm and hiding away his stalker side. After Peach's death, they broke up as Beck dealt with grief and started a sexual relationship with her therapist. (More on that below.) But the two ended up reconciling and all seemed well until Beck stumbled upon Joe's trophy box stashed away in the ceiling of his bathroom. Inside, Beck found a number of her own possessions that Joe had stolen (including some of her underwear and a used tampon). Perhaps even grosser was a bunch of teeth belonging to one of Joe's other murder victims — Beck's ex-boyfriend Benji (Lou Taylor Pucci).
After Beck discovered these items, she rightfully freaked out but attempted to get out of Joe's apartment without raising any alarms. But he realised what had happened and knocked her out. Joe brought Beck to his creepy rare book glass cage in a soundproof basement in hopes of convincing her that he'd just done all of this to help her. At first, Beck scoffed at the notion and expressed her disgust with Joe. But, the longer he kept her trapped in the cage, the more Beck began to realise that her only chance of getting out was to lie. She wrote a long fictional story placing the blame for all of Joe's actions on her therapist Dr. Nicky (John Stamos). While Dr. Nicky was pretty skeevy for sleeping with a patient, he wasn't a murderer. Still, Joe saw this convenient alibi as Beck's way of saying they could still be together.
Beck managed to trick Joe into thinking that she still loved him and he opened the door to her cage. That's when she attacked him and quickly turned to escape the basement. She made it up the stairs, but the door at the top was locked and Joe got to her before she could get free. Her death happened off screen, and Joe buried her body at Dr. Nicky's house. Four months later, Joe helped publish her Dr. Nicky manuscript as Beck's posthumous memoir about her would-be murderer. Dr. Nicky was taken into custody and Joe remained free until...

What Happened To Candace On You?

At the very end of season one, Joe's ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers) showed up at his book store. Throughout the series, viewers were led to believe that Joe killed Candace and made it look like she'd just run off to Italy. The look on Joe's face when Candace showed up suggested that he'd also thought she was dead. But whatever he did to her clearly didn't actually kill her, because there she was — very much alive. "I think we have some unfinished business to talk about," Candace told a very shook Joe. This business is the basis of season 2 and Candace's return is part of why Joe flees to Los Angeles to start a new life and escape his past. But can he outrun everything he's done?

What Happened To Paco In The You Finale?

Joe's neighbour Claudia (Victoria Cartagena) and her young son Paco (Luca Padovan) are two of the characters Joe spends season 1 looking after — especially Paco. Claudia's boyfriend Ron is abusive, and while Joe mostly ignores that and plays it off as if it's just Claudia's own business, he does get involved in the final episode. Ron put Claudia in the hospital and Paco decided to stand up to him, hitting Ron with a bat. That didn't knock Ron out for long, though, and he took off after Paco — presumably to seriously hurt him. Joe walked in on the situation and killed Ron to save Paco. He then explained to Paco that sometimes bad people "deserve" to die, which is a similar lesson that Joe once learned. (That's gone great for him, clearly.) At the end of the season, Paco and Claudia moved to California to start fresh, and Paco left New York behind — but took his darkest secret along for the ride.

What Else Happened In The You Finale?

Beck and Peach's two remaining friends bought the Dr. Nicky story hook, line, and sinker. The manuscript also effectively ended the investigation into Peach's death — since Dr. Nicky was blamed for Joe's actions. Viewers also got a little more insight into Joe's past with the book store's owner Mr. Mooney (Mark Blum). Mr. Mooney was abusive in his own ways, locking young Joe in the same cage he would later lock Beck in. Mr. Mooney also manipulated Joe into thinking that this kind of behaviour was Mr. Mooney's way of showing "love." He told young Joe that he wanted to set him on the right path, and when Joe didn't behave, Mr. Mooney would lock him up for his own good.
Wow, not at all hard to see why Joe is the way he is. And he's going to carry all that baggage into season two — which, let's be real, will probably be just as murdery and stalkery as season one. Watch out LA. Joe Goldberg is here.

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