Silence Is Still Deadly In New Teaser For A Quiet Place Part II

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
In the 2018 horror film A Quiet Place, noise is our protagonists’ biggest threat. The Abbott family (led by real-life couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt) find themselves all alone in a world where a ghastly monster preys on living creatures, drawn to its victims by sound. Audiences watched in absolute terror as the family lived their lives in complete silence, the film's most bone-chilling moments ironically occurring in the stillness.
The follow up to the critically acclaimed thriller is set to hit cinemas in 2020, and the Abbotts, now missing their patriarch (it’s exactly what you think—sorry to that man), still have to be very, very quiet in order to survive. The initial teaser for A Quiet Place Part II doesn’t show much except for Evelyn Abbott (Blunt) leading her children Regan and Marcus (Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) through the forest. Armed with a new purpose and new weapons following the loss of their husband and father, the family tries to find something in the woods.
Krasinki won't be appearing onscreen in the sequel — unless it's in a flashback or as to play one of the killer monsters again — but he is the mastermind behind both projects. From our first look at the upcoming film, A Quiet Place II turned out a lot differently that its writer-director originally imagined it would; it wasn't even supposed to feature the Abbotts.
"Most sequels are about the return of a hero or a villain,” Krasinski teased in 2018, “You take this character that people loved once and you bring them back, and you have to create a new world around them. We have the exact opposite setup."
Not so in this film. The Abbotts are back, and a number of new characters will be joining them. While there’s nothing really known about these new faces, the power of deduction might help us manage our expectations. Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou are among the latest additions, and if you know anything about their filmographies, you should be more than a bit wary about the energy they'll be bringing to the film.
Murphy made waves as 19th century gangster Tommy Shelby in the BBC Two crime drama Peaky Blinders, and Hounsou is known for playing the big bad in films like Guardians of the Galaxy and How to Train Your Dragon 2.
We'll find out what the actors bring to the story when it hits theaters on March 20, 2020. But we doubt anything could be more frightening than a sound-sensitive monster hunting humans in the woods.

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