John Krasinski Just Revealed He Was One Of The Creepy Killer Monsters In A Quiet Place

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
We already knew that A Quiet Place was John Krasinski’s baby, but we didn't know what lengths he would go to to bring the terrifying film— and its monsters— to life. The horror movie about a family in a post-apocalyptic world starred Krasinski and his real-life wife, Emily Blunt.
Krasinski starred in, wrote, and directed the film; but the Office actor also played a, well, quieter role.
Krasinski revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he was also one of the monsters terrorizing the family. He already knew how he wanted the creatures to move, he said, so it was suggested that he put on the suit to demonstrate. “Nobody knows about it because I’ve kept it quiet,” he said, making a sweet pun on the film's title.
Krasinski's turn as the monster was not by choice. The box office hit was filmed on a low-budget and Krasinski joked about going through Halloween stores in Brooklyn in search of monster costumes. Thankfully, the production went with CGI instead.
When Jimmy Kimmel showed a photo of Krasinski in the motion capture suit, the actor was embarrassed. “This is gonna end my career,” he joked.
Krasinski has nothing to fear in that respect. The film was a critically acclaimed success, and its much anticipated sequel is set for release in May 2020.
Watch the full interview, below.

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