Don't You Worry — Emily Blunt Is Also Very Obsessed With John Krasinski

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Lest you fear Emily Blunt is not as obsessed with her husband as he is with her, worry not. Emily Blunt is just as adoring of her husband as we suspected. Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Blunt revealed that the best part of working with her husband John Krasinski on A Quiet Place was that she got to see other people figure out just how wonderful he was. That's, like, a sickeningly adorable way to talk about someone.
"Do you know what the coolest thing was? I've always known about him that he’s so awesome, so bright, and so exciting, and I knew on the film that everyone else was starting to find that out," Blunt revealed. "Everything that I have always known about him. That’s been the most thrilling thing."
Then, when asked what the worst part about working with him was, she literally didn't have an answer. She did say that filming the birth scene in the film was difficult — it took five days, and she blew out her voice letting out one giant scream. But, other than that, A Quiet Place was a delight to film, and it's doing wonders for Krasinski and Blunt's image as the Next Powerhouse Celebrity Couple.
Following Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum's divorce news earlier this week, fans grew feverish at the thought that we might someday lose Krasinski and Blunt, too. Their Quiet Place press tour conveniently coincided with this news, though, and both have recently been in the news talking each other up. Krasinski told Jimmy Fallon that the movie was "the best experience ever."
"She is the most unbelievably talented person, powerful person, kindest person, she makes everyone around her better. So honestly, that was my experience. Best experience ever," he said. Okay, stop bragging. We get it; you like each other!

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