Netflix’s Holiday In The Wild Is The Sex & The City Sequel We Deserved

PHoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
It's never too early for an African Christmas safari, so pencil it in to your calendar for November 1. On Tuesday, Netflix released its full slate of holiday programming, and today the trailer for one of the wildest ones dropped. Starring Sex And The City's Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe, Holiday In The Wild trades the traditional Christmas sweaters and snow for the African sun and a baby elephant.
Basically, it's Davis' character Charlotte from Sex And The City fan-fiction. When Kate's (Davis) husband leaves her just ahead of their second honeymoon, she's forced to embark on their pre-planned African safari alone. There, she meets pilot Derek (Lowe), who shows her everything Africa has to offer, including an orphaned baby elephant who needs to be rescued. Despite her New York City lifestyle, Kate falls in love with the elephant, and the work done by the Lilayi Elephant Nursery.
"This year it's gonna be Christmas in Africa," she reveals in the trailer when a friend from home calls about her trip. "I can't speak for the whole continent, but here at the elephant orphanage, they celebrate all week and there is no shopping involved."
Of course, it's not just Africa that's won her heart. Even though Kate insists in the trailer that she and Derek are "just friends," those sneaky glances suggest otherwise. The magic of Christmas has a knack for bringing people together — with or without the help of so-called "African mistletoe."
Holiday In The Wild is available on Netflix November 1. Watch the full trailer below.

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