Elite‘s Most Shocking Scene Is Breaking Twitter

Photo: Courtesy of Manuel Fernandez-Valdes.
Elite may be Netflix’s sexiest teen show. But just because Elite is seriously sexy, that doesn’t stop the show from occasionally being completely ridiculous. So is the case with season 2’s sex scene between Ander (Arón Piper) and Polo (Álvaro Rico), which is so very strange that it made the internet freak out.
After a fight with boyfriend Omar (Omar Ayuso), Ander finds himself at the home of Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau), who is still grieving (and drinking) over the murder of his sister Marina (María Pedraza). Polo was the one who killed Marina, but that didn’t stop him from deciding to crash in the bed of a passed-out Guzmán and invite Ander to join him. As the two attempt to get comfortable, they flirt and get a little too cosy. Soon, they’re hooking up, right next to their intoxicated, not conscious friend. 
Next to killing his sister, this is the worst thing that Polo has done to Guzmán. And the internet had a field day with comments and memes.
The sex scene is just one of many crazy moments Elite, one of Netflix's Spanish originals, has to offer. Between Carla (Ester Expósito), Polo and Christian (Miguel Herrán) making a high school throuple work (sort of, kind of?!?) to Guzmán and Lu (Danna Paola) getting it on in the shower at school in the show's very early episodes, these teens put the ones on Euphoria to shame. (Though Guzmán and Jacob Elordi's Nate might find they have a lot in common.)
As for why Polo decided to hook up with Ander in bed with Guzmán, star Bernardeau, who plays the sleeping teen, analyzed Polo's psyche.
"Polo has always looked to Guzmán for guidance, and he likes to be controlled and doesn’t know what to do without Guzman’s advice, because it’s almost like he has become overly dependent and addicted to Guzmán," Bernardeau said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
Are you addicted enough to Guzmán to get it on right next to him? Clearly!
You can stream season 2 of Elite on Netflix right now.

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