Jennifer Garner Debuts The Perfect Low-Maintenance Highlights For Summer

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Nearly every celebrity we know is showing classic signs of hair fatigue. Emma Roberts continues to toggle between a Cali blonde and dark-chocolate brunette; Charlize Theron won't stop cutting her hair shorter and shorter; even Sophia Bush has admitted to getting bangs when she's bored. As for Jennifer Garner? Well, she's the exception — and her recent visit to the hair salon proves it.
Unlike most stars, Garner did not debut a drastically different look this week after leaving Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills. Instead, she was spotted strolling onto the street with what appeared to be fresh trim and dye job. Celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham confirms that Garner paid her a visit this week for a quick appointment, including a gloss and highlight touch-up. Most would describe this as a summer refresh, a subtle update to reflect the sunny season. It is, but it's also Garner maintaining her signature look like a total pro.
Just like Hollywood veterans Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie, Garner just proved that, sometimes, celebrities like to keep their hair as low-maintenance as we do. In fact, she's done it for years: Save for the cherry-red and blonde wigs she wore on Alias, Garner has always kept her roots her natural brown, her ends ever-so-slightly lighter (what Cunningham calls "dirty brunette"), and her length just grazing her collarbone.
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Although we'll never be able to guess exactly why Garner prefers her signature bronde colour and mid-length cut, we think we know who to credit for her no-fuss philosophy on beauty: her mother. Garner once told Refinery29 that her mother is the least vain person she knows — and for that, she's sort of her beauty icon. "My mum is the woman who is the least marked by vanity of anyone I know, but in the best possible way," she said. "She just isn’t focused on it, and doesn’t do makeup and hair — she’s just herself. So, [seeing] that allowed me to grow up without feeling like [beauty] was something I needed to do."
The only thing that makes Garner's not-so-new look sweeter is the fact that she ran into Busy Philipps while getting it. Maybe next time we'll get the invite, too.

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