Is Alias Coming Back?

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Don't be surprised if next year's TV schedule looks a lot like 2004's TV schedule.
According to Vulture, Alias, the show that introduced the world to both Jennifer Garner and her wig-loving character, Sydney Bristow, could be the latest series to get a revival.
During a panel at the ATX Television Festival, the show's writing team said that the finale left room for the possibility of a new series. For anyone unfamiliar with the show's closing shots, Alias ended with Bristow's daughter, Isabelle, showing eerie similarities to her badass mama's penchant for underground spy work and the art of deception. A new series could focus on her instead of Sydney, giving a whole new generation of viewers a brand-new hero and returning fans something a little bit different than the original series.
"It would be amazing to do it; we've even talked with J.J. [Abrams]," co-executive producer Josh Appelbaum said at the panel, Entertainment Weekly reports. "The right idea would have to come. We wouldn’t want to do it unless it was absolutely perfect."
While nothing is set just yet, the show would join a growing list of old favorites returning to the airwaves. Recently, Prison Break came back for a second go. The X-Files will continue to ride its revival wave for another season, and a slew of shows have already returned: family friendly Full(er) House, old favorite Twin Peaks, and 24: Legacy.
"If [Sydney] could move on," writer André Nemec added, "then the audience could move on."
Nemec's comment hints at the possibility of an Alias sans Jennifer Garner. That would be a new twist on the whole revival formula, since many shows rely on snagging as many of their OG stars before piling on the nostalgia. But knowing how Alias managed to lasso some A-list celebs — Quentin Tarantino, Angela Bassett, and Faye Dunaway — don't rule out the possibility of Garner getting back into that red wig.
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