The Hills: New Beginnings Supposedly Isn't As Scripted As The Original

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In the early 2000s, no one could argue that The Hills brought the drama — even if that drama wasn’t always genuine. In the years since the final episode aired in 2010, members of the cast have admitted that what fans saw on the show wasn’t exactly real life, and Kristin Cavallari has even called The Hills “manufactured.” But what about the new show? Is The Hills reboot scripted? Is the rest really still unwritten, or was the plot created by the producers?
Apparently, this has been a pretty hot topic in the interviews that the cast has been giving leading up to The Hills: New Beginnings premiere on 25th June. While a few of them have differing opinions, in general, it sounds like this iteration of the MTV reality show will have a bit more reality in it this time around.
In fact, in an interview with Digital Spy, Justin Bobby Brescia — who was famous for being “a man so great, he needed two names” — said that they’ve filmed a lot more for the Hills reboot than they did for the original one, adding that there’s no “hiding” what’s going on in the cast’s real lives.
"I think you'll see right off the bat, you cannot hide what's going on,” Justin said. “We try because sometimes we don't want everything filmed and they just get, they capture it. Before, when we were younger, we were like, 'How's this going to play out? How's this going to look?' But now we've honed in on ourselves a little bit more to understand [and] to know what we're going to put out there and just accept it."
Newcomer Mischa Barton said that although she obviously wasn’t around for filming back in the Hills’ heyday, this feels real to her.
“Obviously they can't be everywhere all the time, so it depends on what happens with people over the course of filming and that dictates where the filming goes so it's the same for everyone,” she told the outlet. “It can feel like it's set up but it's really not. It's dictated by what drama's going on."
Meanwhile, earlier this month, Whitney Port told AOL that there have been reshoots for The Hills: New Beginnings, but it doesn’t sound like it’s enough to change the course of the show — or, at least, not according to what she’s willing to share.
"It’s more basically that they filmed all the stuff and then probably in the editing they were missing certain conversations that happened off camera," Whitney said. "They just needed to fill in certain blanks."
Fans won’t be able to judge how accurate that is until the reboot premieres on Tuesday night, but with any reality show, at least a little bit of editing is necessary to keep the storylines cohesive and the show interesting to watch. But so far, it doesn’t sound like New Beginnings will be quite as contrived as the original show was, and that’s probably for the best.
The Hills: New Beginnings airs on Tuesdays on MTV UK and is available on Now TV

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