This Is How Brits' "Home Happiness" Stacks Up Compared To Europe

illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
How happy are you with your home? That's a question that nearly 13,500 people across Europe were asked in what's being billed as "the largest study of its kind ever conducted".
Compiled by The Happiness Research Institute, an independent think tank that focuses on wellbeing and quality of life, the GoodHome Report 2019 found that the UK has the fourth highest levels of "home happiness" in Europe.
While people living in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark are generally more content with the space they live in, people in Spain, France and Italy are generally less satisfied.
Check out the Europe-wide rankings below, with average home happiness scores out of 10.
1. Netherlands - 7.69
2. Germany - 7.60
3. Denmark - 7.47
4. UK - 7.40
5. Spain - 7.22
6. France - 7.17
7. Romania - 7.11
8. Italy - 7.02
9. Poland - 6.92
10. Russia - 6.57
Despite the pressure that many of us feel to get on the property ladder, however impossible that may seem, the report actually found that whether you own or rent your home has very little bearing on how happy you are in it.
"The research shows that if you’re happy with your home, then you’re far more likely to be happy in life," said Véronique Laury, CEO of DIY chain Kingfisher, who collaborated with The Happiness Research Institute on the report.
"The most important factors are not where you live, how big your house is, or whether you rent or own. What matters most is having a home that gives you a feeling of safety, comfort, identity and pride."
The report offers five key pieces of advice on how to improve your home happiness. These include re-arranging your space, investing time and energy into doing home improvement work, and inviting people over – it sounds cheesy, but apparently a sociable home is generally a happier one.
The report also recommends that if you don't have a garden or balcony, investing in some indoor houseplants is a great way to boost the positive vibes in your living space.
And finally, it suggests making an effort to put your own stamp on the place, which is definitely possible even in a rental property and needn't cost a fortune. Why not check Refinery29's guides to wall hangings, small-space furniture and beautiful new homeware?

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