This Is How Much Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Are Worth

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Okay, first a Stark girl saved the world and now her TV sister nailed down a Jonas Brother. Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark) and Joe Jonas literally got married by Elvis in Las Vegas last night, and Diplo livestreamed the whole ordeal on Instagram. It was a simple affair after the Billboard Music Awards, with a white dress, three JoBros, and ring pops in lieu of gold bands. Now that it's official, we're excited to dive into just how much this power couple is worth.

Sophie Turner's Net Worth

Though there has been some controversy about Turner's Game of Thrones paycheque, Turner is definitely not hurting for coin. She reportedly makes $175,000 (£133,760) per episode, and though that's a bit less than her more established co-stars, it's not bad at all for a first big gig. While on GoT, she's been in a few feature films as well, including Another Me and X-Men: Apocalypse. Now that her reign as Lady of Winterfell is coming to a close, Turner is free to explore all that Hollywood has to offer — and she's starting out big with an upcoming starring role in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Plus, in 2017 she was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list, so you know she's destined for greatness. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress is worth $6 (£4.6) million.

Joe Jonas' Net Worth

Joe Jonas rose to fame in 2005 as part of the Jonas Brothers, along with his brother's Nick and Kevin. The middle of the three brothers, Jonas was known for his harmonies, his eyebrows, and, of course, as the love interest in Camp Rock alongside Demi Lovato. This was followed up by a stint on Hannah Montana as well as the Jo Bros' own Disney Channel show, Jonas. In his early years he dated many a Disney Channel star, and he famously dumped Taylor Swift via a voicemail. The Jonas Brothers saw immense success from 2007 to October 2013, selling 17 million albums worldwide, when they parted ways due to creative differences. Jonas went on to lead the band DNCE, most famous for it's single "Cake By The Ocean," which achieved multi-platinum status. In 2016, he reportedly sold his house in Sherman Oaks for $3.7 million (£2.8m), making him a pretty penny. That same year, Jonas met his now wife, Turner, and three years later she starred (along with the other Jonas wives) in the Jonas Brothers' comeback music video, "Sucker." The song debuted at number 34 for on the Billboard Top 100 Chart, making the Jonas Brothers reunion the beginning of a surefire success. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe Jonas is worth a whopping $25 million (£19m), as are both his brothers.

What Is Their Combined Net Worth?

Together, the newlyweds are worth $31 (£27) million, which means they've got quite a bit to spend on a second wedding, should an Elvis Vegas elopement not completely satisfy their wedding needs.
And if you missed the wedding, don't worry, we got you.

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