Emilia Clarke Says We Still Haven't Seen The Most Dramatic Game Of Thrones Episode

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Warning: This article contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 8.
"The Long Night" is up there as one of the most iconic Game Of Thrones episodes of all time. Leading up to the show's final season, we heard a lot about the 55 nights it took to film the ultimate battle between the humans and the White Walkers, and it was clear no one was safe. However, it sounds like the Battle Of Winterfell was a big fat red herring. According to Emilia Clarke, the really big episode still hasn't happened yet.
"Episode 5 is bigger," she told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. "I mean four and five and six, they're all insane." But for episode 5, airing May 12, Clark instructed fans to "find the biggest TV you can."
That is understandably confusing, because how can it get bigger than the battle that defeated the supernatural and deadly force that's been plaguing Westeros throughout all of history? But, we still have three more episodes. Of course there's more story to tell.
This means that the people you thought were safe after the Battle Of Winterfell, in which we actually lost fewer characters than we were expecting, must still be in danger. Presumably, the ensuing conflict is between Cersei and the North — perhaps it's the "last war" that Daenerys (Clarke) referred to in the promo for episode four. Whatever it is, it sounds like it's going to be brutal. Basically, Emilia Clarke just told everyone to dust off those deadpools.
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