Mohawks, Highlights, & '90s Hair: Inside Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Makeover

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Pictures.
Real fans know that there have been several iterations of Captain Marvel, but Carol Danvers — the version Brie Larson plays in the big-screen adaptation hitting cinemas this weekend — has transformed perhaps the most since her DNA was altered and she became a human-Kree hybrid in 1977. Though the character's journey to the top has been questionable at best, Larson is quickly making the unsung hero of the Marvel universe the most powerful Avenger, ever.
But becoming Captain Marvel didn't just require intense training for Larson. In addition to all the hours she clocked in the gym, Larson underwent some major cosmetic transformations, too. Not all superheroes wear capes, but a hell of a lot of them wear wigs — and this movie was no exception.
We asked hair department head, Camille Friend, everything you need to know about Larson's Captain Marvel makeover, as well as some bonus beauty details in the film — including how Samuel L. Jackson aged in reverse as Nick Fury and why Jude Law sported unexpected, alien highlights. Her answers, ahead.

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