Everything We Know About Season 2 Of Sex Education

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Sex Education, which landed on Netflix January 11, is the kind of comedy you wish was a few episodes longer. Budding sex therapist Otis (Asa Butterfield) could solve a few more bedroom problems. Otis' best friend, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), could sport more fashion statements and turquoise under-eyeliner. Otis' mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson), could sneak in a few more quips. We would enjoy every second.
Alas, the first season of Sex Education concluded after eight episodes — but not before amassing an impressive following. The internet was really into this show. Viewers loved the characters as much as they loved the show's commitment to addressing issues in an authentic way. Even Anderson played into the mayhem, tweeting a photo of her characters' book, The State of the Vulva. As the ultimate marker of a nascent fandom, a Buzzfeed quiz deciding which Sex Education character you are sprouted up over the weekend (I'm a Maeve).
The people have spoken, and the people want a second season of Sex Education.
Viewers' urgency is understandable. After all, season 1 left off with cliffhangers that need answers. How will Otis and Maeve (Emma Mackey)'s "will they, won't they" relationship progress, especially after that twist: Otis ends the season kissing Ola (Patricia Allison), as Maeve, who just broke up with Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling), looks on. Will Ola go to Moordale? How will Eric continue to explore his sexuality, now that his bully-turned-boo, Adam (Connor Swindells), has been sent to military school? Speaking of Adam: Will he be alright in military school? Finally, will Otis thwart his mothers' intentions of publishing a book about his sex life?
Netflix recently confirmed a second season. But what can we expect? Creator Laurie Nunn spoke about her vision for continuing the stories of Moordale High's students in an interview with Thrillist. "Series one is very much Otis' journey," Nunn said. "If we're lucky enough to get a series two we will always come back to Otis. He's a fantastic leading character but the fact that we've got this great ensemble and these amazing young actors who have also just brought so much to those characters. It just feels like they could go anywhere. "
It makes sense that Sex Education's scope would broaden beyond Otis' life in future seasons. The show already has been moving beyond Otis. Each episode kicks off with a Moordale students' sex-related conundrum, which Otis will help solve. Otis' job as the school's sex therapist creates portals into the inner lives of Moordale's students — and in doing so, sets up a whole set of characters for season 2 to explore.
The fans want a second season. Nunn wants a second season. But will a second season happen? Given that Elite and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, other Netflix ventures into teen show territory, were renewed for future seasons, the chances of Sex Education continuing are quite high. Historically, Netflix waits about a month after the premiere to announce upcoming seasons of shows. Once the second season is announced, the wait won't be too long. Sex Education began casting in May 2018 and came out eight months later.
So, keep your eyes peeled for the inevitable. If we had to bet, we'd bet on Sex Education returning to answer those questions.

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