Bandersnatch's Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Is Better As A Choose-Your-Own-Meme

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
This post contains light spoilers for Netflix's Bandersnatch.
Netflix ended 2018 with a bang. The streaming service unleashed a cruel, and addicting, choose-your-own-adventure, Bandersnatch, the first full-length film from its Black Mirror series. It's cruel because the audiences messes with the mind of the film's protagonist, Stefan (Fionn Whitehead), and it's addicting because...the audience gets to mess with the mind of the film's protagonist.
With a slew of tragic and intense endings, Bandersnatch isn't exactly what one would consider a morning binge-watch, but dedicated Netflix fans found a way to watch, and then re-watch, the film in its first few hours of availability. Theories and easter eggs from the show are already flooding Reddit and Twitter, but the best part of a new Netflix gem is the internet's reaction to it.
In a world where viewers are forced to choose whether Stefan lives or dies, choose memes instead.

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