This Is The Age Most Millennials Land Their Dream Job

illustrated by Norah Stone.
If you're not doing your "dream job" right now, you're not alone. According to new research, 85% of working adults in the UK don't feel as though they're currently working in their dream job.
Interestingly, the research by F&C Investment Trust found that millennials are far more likely than other generations to believe that they'll get to their dream job in the fullness of time.
Nearly two-thirds of millennials (64%) said they expect to be doing their dream job within six years, compared to just 37% of working adults overall.
The research also found that most working adults who've landed their dream job did so at age 33, suggesting millennials are right to think that patience can pay off.
Meanwhile, just 11% of millennials said that they expect to stay in the same industry for the remainder of their working lives, reflecting the fact that making a career pivot, perhaps one that includes a move to working part-time, is becoming increasingly popular.
Money is obviously a massive factor for anyone considering a career change, and the research found that the average working adult reckons they'd need to save £3,340 before they take the leap.
Responding to the results, Ross Duncton of global investment firm BMO said: "Our research highlights how focused millennials are about their futures, especially in terms of career ambitions. For the most part they are optimistic about achieving their dream job in just a few years."
"However, there are a few barriers that they need to overcome," Duncton added. "For example, they realise they will need a 'buffer' of over £3,000 to manage the move towards their 'dream' job.
"Perhaps they should take learning from those that already have found their dream jobs. Just under half of those who have already made the transition say they wished they had saved money to do it sooner. While it may be hard to visualise your future self, breaking the big picture down into small, more manageable goals can help."
Other recent research found that the most popular "dream jobs" in the UK include working as a model, fashion buyer and even private investigator.

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