The UK's Top 10 Dream Jobs & How Much You Get Paid For Doing Them

Chances are, if you're not currently doing your dream job, you're low-key wishing you were.
Given how much time we spend at work (not to mention commuting), the idea of getting paid to do something you genuinely love is incredibly appealing.
New research by leading job website Indeed has revealed the UK's top ten "dream jobs", and many of them are actually relatively achievable.
Following in the footsteps of Kate and Naomi as a model is top of the list, closely followed by fashion buyer in second and private investigator in third.
Also in the top 5 are food technologist – a role which involves developing new food and drink products – and journalist.
While planning a wedding can be horrendously stressful, this hasn't stopped a good number of us from fancying a job as a wedding planner; this specialist events role finishes ninth on the list.
Three of the UK's top ten "dream jobs" – model, fashion buyer and private investigator – generally pay more than the UK's average full-time salary of £27,000.
Check out the top ten dream jobs and their average salaries below:
1. Model (£40,624)
2. Fashion Buyer (£31,404)
3. Private Investigator (£29,637)
4. Food Technologist (£26,207)
5. Journalist (£25,146)
6. Dog Walker (£24,219)
7. Sommelier (£23,114)
8. In-ground Football Correspondent (£20,628)
9. Wedding Planner (£19,491)
10. Horticulturist (£17,101)
Commenting on the results, Indeed's UK Managing Director Bill Richards said: "The jobs we have identified on our list combine leisure hobbies with bringing home a solid salary. By striking a balance between the two, people are able to become masters of their field, and their own destinies. When you spend the majority of your day doing something you love, you will be even prouder of the work you produce.
“By highlighting that many dream jobs are within touching distance, we hope this will inspire people to invest in themselves and achieve fulfillment both personally and professionally.”

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