Your Next Netflix Obsession: Tidelands, A Sexy Thriller About Mermaids

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Mermaids: friend or foe? Netflix's new show Tidelands is going with the latter, at least according to its trailer (watch it, below!) The show, which is Netflix's first Australian original, follows the formerly incarcerated Cal (played by Charlotte Best) who returns home after years away only to unravel her hometown's biggest mystery. She's from Orphelin Bay, where a strange hamlet of people called the "Tidelanders" take her interest.
The trailer opens with a legend that might sound familiar.
"And with the water came angels of death, hideous and cruel," Bill (Peter O'Brien) tells Cal. "And by their pale hands, many men perished."
Elsa Pataky (The Fast and the Furious) plays the leader of the Tidelanders, Adrielle, who assumes the role of "queen" in the absence of a designated leader. This suggests that perhaps Cal, who might be a Tidelander herself, is a rising queen.
Tidelands comes to Netflix on December 14.

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