The Best Time To Buy Plane Tickets For Christmas Travel

Photo: Getty Images.
If you're after a Christmas mini break in Amsterdam, New York, or anywhere else for that matter, you'd better get booking. According to Hopper, an app that analyses plane ticket prices and alerts travellers when they should buy, airfare for Christmas travel began to rise by £3-4 a day throughout November. So, if you're heading thinking of going away for the holidays, you might want to think about booking ASAP.
In addition to revealing that October is the best month for finding cheap plane tickets ahead of Christmas, Hopper's Holiday Travel Index reports that prices will continue to spike even more every day once we make it to December. "Prices spike by £3-6 per day in the final two weeks," Hopper reports. If you do like to plan ahead and you've got the money to spend, booking by Halloween is your best bet for finding cheap flights.
You can also try switching up your travel days. According to Hopper, travellers can save the most money by departing for their destination on Tuesday, 18th December and returning home on 4th January. If returning that late doesn't work for your schedule, the next cheapest day is 27th December. We recommend using Google Flights and Skyscanner, looking at a whole month view to get the best options.
If you're planning around your entire extended family's calendars, you might not have much say on the days you fly, but if you're taking a solo trip, Hopper recommends trying out this money-saving tactic. If you're looking for cheap last minute deals we also recommend signing up to Jack's Flight Club newsletters which give you short lived flight deals. Best of luck finding your flights.

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