Victoria’s Secret Is Collaborating With Mary Katrantzou

Well, it looks like the #VSxBALMAIN movement was successful. Last October, the lingerie giant announced it would be partnering with Olivier Rousteing and company — its first high-fashion collaboration ever — on a 22-piece collection of bras, underwear, lingerie, T-shirts, and bags. Capitalizing on that momentum, on Thursday, Victoria's Secret announced that its follow-up designer collaboration would be with the "Queen of Prints," London-based designer Mary Katrantzou.
“Everything that Victoria’s Secret creates is about a woman feeling confident and empowered —and also having fun with what she is wearing,” Katrantzou said in a press release. “This collaboration is going to be bold, fun, and playful." Customers will get their first glance of the pieces during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in November. Following the event, similar to the pieces Rousteing designed, Katrantzou's offering will be available at select stores and online.
Details are basically nonexistent (you'll have to watch the show for full effect) but Vogue is reporting that Katrantzou worked with Victoria's Secret angels, as well as the show's longtime creative director Sophia Neophitou and executive producer Monica Mitro, to get everything just right. For Katrantzou, that meant pieces that were uplifting and colourful, yet bold and strong. “It’s designed to empower women to have fun with their undergarments and feel free to explore pattern and color as a second skin,” she tells Vogue.
The beauty of this collection, she says, is in the duality of the items. “The pieces can be worn as undergarments or as actual clothing so all the fabrications have dual purpose,” she explains. “I wanted to stay true to our brand heritage so pattern and colour are integral to the collection but we always kept the Victoria’s Secret girl central to the design process. There’s a nod to silhouettes that we’ve developed in past collections but there are also new silhouettes that we designed with VS in mind.”
Now that we have an idea of who (and who isn't) walking in the show, and what they'll be wearing, we just have one question: Who will be wearing the coveted million-dollar bra?

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