Mark Wahlberg's Daily Schedule Is The Wildest Thing You'll Read All Day

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
Some people are afraid of ghosts or serial killers. I, for one, am terrified of anyone who has the energy to get up at 2:30 a.m. to prepare for a workout, which makes me 100% wary of people like Mark Wahlberg.
The actor/producer/former rapper/burger chain owner/Chevrolet dealership owner (it's true) obligingly answered a fan question on Instagram Stories yesterday regarding his daily schedule, and it is completely-freaking-bonkers. Wahlberg's day begins at 2:30 in the morning, when he wakes up and says a prayer for 30 minutes. Then, he heads into the kitchen, where he eats breakfast before heading to the gym for his first grueling workout of the day that lasts for one hour and 35 minutes.
Later, he takes a 90 minute shower, golfs for 3o minutes, and spends an hour in a cryo chamber before working out again. Throughout the day, he eats seven times, and yet, he still finds a way to earn substantially more money than his female costars in films.
"How the hell does he do it? How does he have time for his family?" you might ask. Don't worry, he's got an answer for that, too.
"I see my family every day. I see my family in the morning, in the noon time, in in the nighttime," he explained on his IGTV channel. "When I'm working, most of the time I get to workout and do all my stuff while my family's asleep, especially on the weekends. By the time I've gotten up, worked out, done all my stuff, played golf, come home, the kids are just waking up and my wife's sleeping in. So it works out good. But that's one of the big advantages of getting up early."
This right here is some American Psycho-type behavior. The next thing you know, Marky Mark's going to be sharing his reviews of Huey Lewis & the News and Phil Collins instead of his favorite supplements. And if he ever starts talking about business cards? Well, run for the hills, because we're all done for.
Is this reaction dramatic? Yes. But how are we, as normal people who rely on two cups of coffee (at least) to wake up in the morning supposed to feel when there are literal super-humans roaming the streets who own not one, but 36 (including food trucks and yet-to-be-opened), restaurants?

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