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There’s a reason why Sharp Objects, Sky Atlantic’s dark new drama premiering on Monday 9th July at 9pm, will be constantly compared to Big Little Lies. Both shows are adaptations of popular booksSharp Objects is adapted from Gillian Flynn’s first novel, and Big Little Lies from Liane Moriarty’s chart-topper. Both are directed by Jean-Marc Vallée. And both shows are taut puzzles whose mysteries unfurl the course of a short season that keeps audiences captivated during the high summer months.
The most significant difference? Sharp Objects is, to put it simply, creepy AF. In the show, journalist Camille Preaker (Amy Adams) reluctantly returns to her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, in the southern boot of the state, to investigate the murders of two pre-teen girls. While staying in her mother’s ornate Victorian house, she’s once again steeped in the stuffy environment from which she's tried so hard to escape.
Don't believe the sweet, treacly greetings exchanged between Wind Gap residents for a second — these niceties mask the real dynamics at work. With this cast and character primer, you can be as skeptical and as cunning as Camille while watching Sharp Objects.
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Camille Preaker
Played By: Amy Adams

Who She Is: Camille is a journalist who works in St. Louis, Missouri, but is originally from the small town of Wind Gap in the south of the state. She's assigned to investigate two murders of pre-teen girls that occurred in Wind Gap within a short span of time. Not long before returning to Wind Gap, Camille had been committed to an institution for self-harm. Be sure you say Camille's name with her mother's southern twang — it's Cam-MEEL, not Ca-MILL.

What She Wants: To write articles just good enough to please her editor, and to get the hell out of Wind Gap.
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Amity "Amma" Crellin
Played By: Eliza Scanlen

Who She Is: In her breakout role, the magnetic Eliza Scanlen plays Camille's 13-year-old half-sister, Amma Crellin. Prior to Camille visiting Wind Gap for the investigation, Amma and Camille had no relationship. Amma is easily the leader of her clique of friends, and everyone knows it.

What She Wants: Amma wants to roller skate the depleted streets of Wind Gap in peace, and to be liberated from her mother's extreme surveillance and mandated code of conduct. Like most 13-year-olds in small towns, she wants out.
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Young Camille
Played By: Sophia Lillis

Who She Is: In flashbacks, we have glimpses of Camille's childhood in Wind Gap, and the conditions under which she and her sister were raised. Be happy Adora's not your mum.

What She Wants: From her reputation around town, Camille was wild when she was young.
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Adora Crellin
Played By: Patricia Clarkson

Who She Is: Put simply, Adora Crellin is the character Patricia Clarkson was born to play. Adora, who inherited a profitable pig farm and doesn't need to work, spends her days drinking cocktails and dancing with her passive husband. Some of us boldly shirk convention and proclaim we couldn't care less about what their neighbours think of their handmade pottery in the backyard. Adora is not one of those people. She cares about appearances, and believes everything Camille and Amma do reflects on the entire Crellin family.

What She Wants: Being a superficial woman, Adora wants Camille to stop sleuthing around looking unkempt, drinking past midnight with men, and asking "inappropriate" questions to the grieving families of Wind Gap.
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Detective Richard Willis
Played By: Chris Messina

Who He Is: Whenever someone in Wind Gap mutters about that guy from Kansas City under their breath, they're referring to Richard Willis. He's assigned to investigate the two murders. Unlike Camille, who is familiar with Wind Gap's particular brand of madness, Detective Willis is finding Wind Gap a hostile and perplexing environment.

What He Wants: Richard wants to solve the case and then swiftly get the hell out of Wind Gap.
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John Keene
Played By: Taylor John Smith

Who He Is: John is the older brother of Natalie Keene, the second victim. Some people in the town suspect John is guilty of killing Natalie and Ann Nash.

What He Wants: He wants people to believe his alibi. He was just driving when the girls went missing. Wind Gap's a small town! There's not much to do besides drive around!
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Alan Crellin
Played By: Matt Czerny

Who He Is: In the tiny town of Wind Gap, Adora managed to find her perfect match. Alan, her husband, is more than happy to sit on the porch for hours dressed like he's about to go to a 1940s party.

What He Wants: Honestly, it's hard to tell. Alan seems to be pretty...passive.
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Played By: Matt Craven

Who He Is: Vickery is the police chief of Wind Gap. Protective over his community, he's not thrilled that Detective Willis and Camille are sniffing around — and isn't exactly forthcoming with information, either. Not that he has much. Vickery is stumped.

What He Wants: Vickery definitely wants to find the murderer. But he also desperately hopes it's not someone from within the community.
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Played By: Elizabeth Perkins

Who She Is: As one of Adora's peers, Jackie watched Camille grow up. She's intimately acquainted with the ugly dynamics bubbling underneath Wind Gap's niceties. Since she's frequently drunk, she's also willing to speak her mind (though she might forget everything she said the next day).

What She Wants: Jackie is a pot-stirrer. She wants to be friends with everyone, and then turn around and talk about them.
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Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock
Played By: Sydney Sweeney

Who She Is: Sweeney, who you might recognise as Eden from The Handmaid's Tale, has a mysterious role in Sharp Objects. As Sweeney told Refinery29, "She's a bit of a spoiler." All we know is that Alice, her character, is Camille's roommate.

What She Wants: According to Sweeney's interview, she "doesn't like" being Camille's roommate.
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Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock
Frank Curry
Played By: Miguel Sandoval

Who He Is: Frank is Camille's editor at the newspaper. He assigns her the Wind Gap story, partly because it's been underreported, and partly because he wants her to push her to grow as a journalist.

What He Wants: Frank is Camille's champion. He wants to see her confront her past and blossom. But Frank, thinking he's acting under the best intentions, has no idea just how toxic Wind Gap really is for Camille.

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