People Are Educating Paris Hilton On Twitter & Also Me

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You could watch Mastermind to learn a few new things, or you could just take a peek at Paris Hilton's Twitter feed right now. On Thursday, the heiress-turned-DJ took to the social media platform to share her need for new information, and fans happily obliged.
Normally, Hilton's Twitter feed is full of amazing throwback photos with "The Unholy Trinity," tiny dogs who are richer than you'll ever be, and the occasional heartwarming story, like the one about how she found her $2 million dollar diamond ring in a bucket of ice. But last week, something different appeared.
"Tell me something I don't know," wrote the House of Wax star to her 18.1 million Twitter followers.
Many of Hilton's fans kindly obliged — like, many. Over 12,000 people responded to the tweet, many of whom shared fun facts that ranged from "meh" to "wait, oh my God, really?"
Here are a few of my personal favourites:
"It's impossible to hum while holding your nose!"
"Cartoons show penguin and bears together, but this is impossible cause they live in the opposite pole."
"There is a city in Turkey called Batman. Governor of the City actually sued DC Comics for Batman's rights."
"Surveys have shown that some wild koala populations demonstrate a 100 percent rate of chlamydia infection, which frequently leads to blindness, severe bladder inflammation, infertility and death."
"You can have cake and eat it too. You can't eat it and have it. We have been saying it backwards."
Perhaps the funniest part about this is that it's unclear if Hilton actually wanted fun facts... or if she was testing out a new catchphrase to replace "that's hot." (Just kidding. There can never be a replacement catchphrase for "that's hot.")
In addition to sharing her thirst for knowledge, Hilton shared her own societal musings with the world:
"History will be retweeted," she wrote on June 30.
More times if the original tweet comes from Hilton's account, apparently.

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