We Finally Know How Pete Davidson Feels About His Engagement To Ariana Grande

Photo: Mike Pont/WireImage.
In case the drooling emojis on Instagram didn't tip you off, Pete Davidson is really psyched about his engagement to Ariana Grande! The SNL featured player appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night almost exclusively, it seemed, to confirm his engagement to the pop star. I mean, ostensibly, he was on the show to promote Set It Up, a very good Netflix movie, but there's one thing that's a little more important!
"It's fucking lit," Davidson said when Fallon inquired after his recent betrothal. (Good news: We're bringing back the word "betrothed," starting with these two 24-year-olds!) "Some dude came up to me and was like, 'Yo man, you gave me hope,'" Davidson recalled. "I'm like, 'I didn't know I was that ugly.'"
In May, news broke that Grande and Davidson were "casually" dating. Despite report, they were dating very not casually — the timeline presented to the public was a little shorter than their actual narrative. They got engaged just a few short weeks after the news broke (and maybe two months after they first got together). Davidson shared a photo of the engagement ring just this weekend on Instagram. This couple slammed together like magnets, and, in Davidson's words, he's now submitted to a life of being Ariana Grande's "plus one."
"Why do people care? It's very weird," he pointed out. "It's weird cause the president's trying to pardon himself and he's, like, fucking a porn star."
(For the record, swearing on The Tonight Show is not allowed, and Davidson's interview is delightfully bleep-heavy. When Fallon politely implied that Davidson should stop, the comedian pointed out that, erm, you can't fire a guest from The Tonight Show. Plus, this clip is going to make ratings soar — if Davidson's talking about Grande, he knows he can say whatever the fuck he wants.)
Lastly, and most importantly, Robert Pattinson sits in on the interview. Pattinson allegedly played a role in this relationship. When Grande and Davidson first got engaged, sources reported that they were swanning about at Pattinson's birthday party, boasting of their engagement. And looky here, Pattinson's on The Tonight Show, just a couch away from Davidson, and no one thinks to ask about that fateful birthday party night. Davidson does, however, help promote Good Time, Pattinson's movie from last year.
Watch the full clip, below.

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