Unexpected Money-Saving Advice From Money Diary Commenters

photographed by Kieran Boswell
For those of you who don't know about our super successful Money Diaries series, it works like this: Each week, a person anonymously records their outgoings to give us an insight into their spending habits, salary, rent, bills and more.
We've covered everyone from the single mum to the university student, the comedian to the police detective. We've had salaries ranging from £9k to nearly £1 million. We've had contributors hailing from Newcastle, Brighton, Tokyo and Los Angeles. We've had diaries that have gone viral and diaries that have started debates.
As Money Diaries has got more popular, the comments sections have gone off. Which is both good (I'll tell you why in a second) and bad (consider this my annual reminder to commenters to remember that these are real people posting their diaries, real people with real feelings).
Why good? Well, the comments have turned into a surprisingly good place for savings advice. Turns out you lot are a fountain of knowledge on everything from how to get the best price for prescriptions to how to save money living on a canal boat.
We've collated our favourite pieces of advice from recent diaries to help you get better at your finances. Click through to have a read.
And for those of you who want more Money Diaries content, we now have a Money Diaries Facebook group you can join which is also jam-packed with helpful tips from readers on how to be a money genius.

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