Jordan Peele Announces The Plot For Get Out 2: Kanye West’s Life

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Move over Kim Kardashian, it's time for Kanye West to break the internet. Last night, the rapper took to Twitter to express his support for President Trump. Trump's campaign and presidency has actively ignored and demonised Black people, as well as the many progressive organisations, including Planned Parenthood, that his wife Kim Kardashian has proudly supported. While she took to Twitter to clarify some of his statements, Jordan Peele saw an opportunity. Shortly before going off the rails, West tweeted some photos from his and Kardashian's home, referring to them as the "Sunken Place," a reference to Peele's hit film Get Out. But judging by the tweets that followed, many people are worried he might actually been in the Sunken Place after all. I smell a sequel, and so does Peele.
"Do this look like the sunken place" West captioned the first snap.
"more tweets from the sunken place" he added.
Enter: Peele.
"*Gets inspired" he wrote. "*Starts writing ‘Get Out 2’"
And fans already have ideas for names.
"Get Out 2: Getting Back In So We Can Get Out Again," one suggested.
"Get Out 2: It All Falls Down," said another.
"Get Out 3: Another One Because You Didn't Get the Message the First Two Times," the first fan added.
Someone even made a poster:
Other people, like Chance The Rapper, have come to West's defence, saying "Black people don’t have to be democrats."
"No one is upset Kanye's not a Democrat," writer Pete Forester pointed out. "They're upset that he's enabling and fanboying over a racist wannabe authoritarian who has made it his mission to separate families, discriminate against POC and LGBT people, and remove himself from criminal accountability."
Let's just hope this movie has a happy ending.

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